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Fresh Organic Vegetables


Sunkissed, seasonal vegetables and berries, harvested by hand and delivered to you straight from the garden.


Vegetables and berries grown by Eric Gluck and Jodi Griffith, Manitoba farmers located within 100km of Winnipeg.

Certified Organic

Every year our gardens, orchard and organic farm land is inspected by an independent third party to verify compliance with Canada’s organic standards.

Interested in Buying Our Vegetables?

We sell our vegetables through a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) or vegetable share program. A CSA is a commitment between consumers and farmers to local, fresh food. Consumers know who is growing their food and how it is being grown. In return, farmers receive a secure and fair price for growing the food. Together the consumers and farmers share in the risks and rewards of growing food naturally. The farmer works hard to create the best growing environment and then the rest is up to the miracles of nature. Depending on the weather, every growing season can be a little different. Luckily, there is a vegetable that seems to thrive in each weather condition. For example, tomatoes and peppers love heat and greens and cabbage love cooler weather. 

At R.O.C. & The Fern Orchard and Gardens we plant approximately 30-35 different types of annual vegetables and herbs and have perennial raspberries and strawberries. Through our CSA program we provide you with fresh, local, certified organic produce throughout the growing season. When a vegetable or berry is ready you will receive it. Therefore the types of vegetables that you receive will change as the season does. For example, early deliveries will be made up of lettuce, radish and strawberries, and then green beans and tomatoes and the season will end with potatoes and pumpkins.

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Food share options and prices for 2014

A large share: a large box of certified organic produce delivered once a week for an 11-15 week period (or as long as the gardens are producing) for $675.00

A full share: a box of certified organic produce delivered once a week for an 11-15 week period (or as long as the plants are producing) for $450.00

A bi-weekly share: a box of certified organic produce delivered every other week for an 11-15 week period (or as long as the plants are producing) for $275.00

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  • Highlights from 2014

    In the early part of 2014 we ordered seeds, started plants and reconnected with all of you about the upcoming growing season. Last winter due to the everlasting cold we were unable to use our new greenhouse to its full potential. We did finally get into it late march and were very pleased to have the extra space and warm growing conditions. In February we volunteered for CSA Manitoba at the Localvore cookoff. We had a lot of fun watching young, aspiring, chefs creating great food. We also met and reconnected with some fantastic people! Later, we attended the Growing Local Conference and the Manitoba Direct Farm Marketing Conference. These were both great learning opportunities for us as well as a chance to connect with others who are interested in local food. At “Growing Local” we connected with new friends from Island Lake, Manitoba and made plans for the summer

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“I have been amazed at the growth of R.O.C. & the Fern Orchard and Gardens. Last summer Jodi and Eric started their farm share. It was about the hardest summer in years to start a public garden and they didn’t fail or give up. They learned from some mistakes and know better how to live with what Mother Nature throws at them. I am excited about what they will have for us this year. I still have frozen berries and veggies in the freezer — from last summer — that we have been slowly using up. It has been wonderful to have delicious fruits and veggies throughout the winter.  I believe it is important to support our local farmers…”

– Jenn, Winnipeg, Manitoba